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High Temperature Bag Filter

Filter Designs has for many years produced high temperature bag filters for filtering high temperature gas from a variety of applications. Some of these include:

  • Secondary Aluminium Smelting.
  • Glass production.
  • Clinical waste incineration.
  • Chemical waste incineration.
  • Gasification.
  • Pyrolysis.
  • Coal fired boilers.
  • Tallow power generation.
  • Syngas Filtration


These filters normally have tubular bags varying in length from 2 – 6 meters and made from high temperature materials such as PTFE on Glass, P84, Nomex and are cleaned by reverse jet pulsing using compress air. They have a maximum temperature limit of around 220°C with surges up to 250°C. The systems usually need careful design and often incorporate equipment to remove acid gases, dioxins and Mercury as well as SNCR in the form of Urea solution or Prill.

Care is taken in each design to ensure efficient operation and protection of the filter system with the supply of spark quenching systems and air bleeds.

High temperature bag filter

Dependant on the application the systems can be offline cleaned and have fan units with inverters to vary the fan speed and hence flow and pressure to ensure a constant negative pressure at the furnace, incinerator, or gasifier outlet.

Dust filter with a high temperature bag filter is normally in the form of fume with particles < 1 Micron and therefore the filter design needs careful consideration with low filtration velocities to guarantee emission levels and to keep the filter differential to a set point.

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