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We Specialise in Hot Gas Filtration
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Hot Gas Filters

We have completed many applications involving high temperature flue gases (150°C to 500°C) using our hot gas filters, which utilise bag, ceramic and cartridge filters. These include systems for:

  • Clinical waste incineration (bag and ceramic)
  • Coal gasification (ceramic)
  • Secondary aluminium smelting (bag)
  • Pharmaceutical waste (ceramic and bag)
  • Precious metal production (ceramic and cartridge)
  • Tallow power generation (bag)
  • Glass production (bag)
  • Wood waste to energy (bag)
  • Municipal waste to energy (bag)
  • Syngas production (bag)

Complete systems supplied can be of a complex nature with integral components including:

  • Fans
  • Chimneys
  • Silos
  • Control systems
  • Lime injection
  • Sodium bicarbonate injection
  • Powdered activated carbon for dioxin and mercury removal
  • Urea Injection (SNCR) NOx removal systems
  • Materials handling plant (dust removal/sorbent delivery)

Many of these items are designed internally using our state of the art drawing packages with capabilities for modelling, 3D drawings and CFD analysis.

Please see our project web pages for specific applications

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