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Filter Designs Ltd have for many years been purchasing silos for our Waste to Energy plants for use as storage for the Sorbent injection for acid reduction (sodium bicarbonate, hydrated lime and for the reacted sorbent and ash from the bag filter (CleanPulse). To get better control over quality and design FDL now have developed their own range of silos which are used for projects but now available as a standalone product.


Welded Silos


Are supplied complete and delivered on a flat back vehicle they are manufactured from 4 mm mild steel with a durbar plate top. The silos are 3380mm diameter and are provided with a length to suit the capacity required. Our standard silo has an overall height of 12500 mm with supports and a clearance under the bottom flange of 2500 mm. This silo has a capacity of 70 m³


Panelled (Bolted) Silos


Where access is limited we have designed a range of panelled silos which can be built up on site, internally or externally. These silos, along with the welded version can be supplied with a bottom skirt to contain spillages or provide weather proofing.




Numerous accessories are available with our silos including:


Inlet fill pipe,

Inlet fill proximity switch

Inlet fill tanker connection

Inlet fill Butterfly valve

Control Systems

Silo cartridge filter

Pressure relief valve

Pressure relief switch

Level probes

Inspection door

Access ladder and platform


Aeration pads


Discharge valves (butterfly/ rotary type)

Twin discharge system

Load cells


Finish and Extras


The silos can be painted to your specification and colour, any special requirements can be catered for. If further feeding systems are required these too can be tailor made to suit your requirements.