Project MF – Small silo venting filter for Finland

Project MF – Small silo venting filter for Finland

The Minelco Group is internationally active in the market of industrial minerals with a leading position within a number of product applications. The Group is part of the Swedish company LKAB, one of the world’s leading producers of highly upgraded iron ore products, providing millions of tonnes annually to a worldwide market. LKAB started operations in 1890 and is an international, high-technology minerals group with a strong commitment to new technology, research and development.

‘Cleanpulse’ CPC Filters

Filter Designs has a range of ‘standardised’ venting filters of various sizes. Our most popular CPC filter (CPC refers to Clean Pulse Cartridge) is the Silo Vent 3/7L. The standard specification CPC 3/7L includes 7 x 750mm long x 201mm diameter, spun bonded Polyester Felt pleated air cartridges. The arrangement of filters is in a total of 3 rows of 2, 3 and 2 filters per row. The cartridges seal to the Cell Plate (sometimes referred to as the Spigot Plate) via a large rubber ‘o’ ring and are retained by several metal brackets on fully welded m16 studs.
A reverse jet controller is provided with the ability to control the reverse jet pulse when a pre-set differential pressure is reached or via timed intervals, as required. A case mounted backward curved impellor fan can be fitted depending on the application.

Filter Data:

Type CPC 3/7 Clean Pulse Reverse Jet Venting Filter
Cloth area per cartridge 3.5 m²
Number of cartridges 7
Total Filter Area 24.5 m²
Air Volume to Silo 720 m³/hr
Filtration Velocity 0.49m/min (1.6 ft/min)

Minelco is a company Filter Designs have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with, having undertaken both consultation and supply of filters and other plant at several of their UK sites as well Europe in Finland, Turkey and Greece.

Filter designs have supplied several ‘Cleanpulse’ CPC 3/7L venting filters to Minelco over the years, in this instance the filters were destined to sit on top of large silos and be exposed to Finnish winter conditions where temperatures of -20°C are frequently experienced during the winter months. For this reason we adapted the standard specification and included covers to shield the reverse jet diaphragm valves from the worst of the elements. In addition we included an etch foil heating element inside each cover.

The photograph to the left shows the filter with the cover removed and on the same image lower right, the upturned heated cover.

The photograph to the right shows the filter installed on top of a silo with the heated cover in place.

Typical installation of a ‘Cleanpulse’ CPC 3/7L filter as a silo vent

Project Manager: Stewart Callis

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