Project SF – Retractable Extraction Canopy for Steel Lancing

Project SF – Retractable Extraction Canopy for Steel Lancing

The company, now in its third century and probably the oldest steel business in the world, remains at the forefront of technology for castings and forgings for heavy engineering across the world.

As both individuals and a company, Sheffield Forgemasters has never been more aware of its environmental impact and the ongoing responsibility to reduce that impact in any way possible.

Sheffield Forgemasters scrap processing department required a fume extraction system to operate in difficult circumstances. The requirement was to achieve improved extraction from the existing ducting system which extracted from 3 points located lowdown in a pit over which scrap ingots are placed for lancing.

With an extensive history of ‘pushing the boundaries’ within the industry Filter Designs was keen to tackle this application and its challenging set of conditions.

Following a site visit to watch the cutting process performed, it was clear that the bulk of the extraction should come from above the pit as opposed to below it. The drawback to extraction from above was access. Access is required for the 50 tonne overhead crane for movement of the material being processed so a straightforward fixed booth was not an option for this application.

Filter Designs solution was to provide a retractable canopy hood which would mate with permanently fixed ducting when in its forward position, yet when retracted, would allow clear access to the pit.

The canopy is made retractable by mounting it on motor driven crane wheels on rails in order to move a simple 2 sides and a roof design canopy over a permanently fixed back wall.

The use of proximity switches will ensure the hood automatically stops in the appropriate position for added safety.

In order to give the operators maximum control over the available extraction a ‘T’ piece was required in the main ducting allowing the fitting of a variable position damper within the pit extraction and the hood extraction

A single control panel was devised that encompasses the forward/backwards movement of the hood as well as full control over the extraction through 2 variable pots for damper positioning.

Filter Designs prides itself on its flexibility, supplying Sheffield Forgemasters with only fabrication drawings for the hood and back wall, but supplying and installing all the ducting, Kinetrol pneumatically actuated control dampers, ducting supports, Donnati drive motors and crane rails, control panel and all electrics thus seeing the job through from design to commissioning.

Designer: Roger Callis

Project Manager: Stewart Callis

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