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Welcome to Filter Designs.

For commercial/industrial air filtration, Filter Designs Ltd have the experience and expertise to supply you with their own proven filtration system, giving you all you need to meet regulations and up to date legislation. We can provide you with bag filter systems that are widely considered to be the best available technology (BAT) by which to comply with the 2020 emissions regulations.

With our expert team, capable of providing you with a specifically designed and constructed air Filtration System, we design, oversee and project manage from order to commissioning. Filter Designs are also able to supply servicing, maintenance and also reagents such as sodium bicarbonate (DeSOx), urea prill (DeNOx) and activated carbon (PAC), to continuously manage air pollution control at your site. For a full list of our reagents click here.

Flue Gas Treatment systems can be managed by modern control systems to keep the filtration system at peak performance. For example, we can fit Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to help you to identify and manage any regular maintenance issues, enabling you to keep your gas filtration system up and running with limited interruptions. As commercial and industrial air filtration equipment manufacturers we have worked with a variety of process plants; aluminium, smelting, minerals processing, aggregates, waste to energy, biomass, pyrolysis, incineration, and gasification at sites all over the world.

Flue gases can be at ambient temperatures or elevated to 200ᵒC requiring a bag filter with high-temperature bag filter media. At higher temperatures we can offer a ceramic filter which can be used typically up to 500ᵒC, however, we have designed a ceramic filter for use at 850ᵒC which requires some special materials and consideration of modes of expansion.

Operating worldwide, we have flue gas treatment plants currently operating in Czech Republic, Poland, USA, Vietnam, Finland, Singapore, and even Azerbaijan.

For any projects, products or available services, do not hesitate to contact us via our website.

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