We Design and Supply Industrial Bag and Ceramic Dust Filtration Equipment & Flue Gas Treatment Systems.
We Specialise in Hot Gas Filtration
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Welcome to Filter Designs.

Filter Designs design, build, install and maintain gas filtration systems. We offer bag and ceramic filter houses and associated equipment for flue gas treatment packages for a variety of industries. Proven and referenced bag filter systems for waste to energy plants, CHP (combined heat and power) plants, biomass plants, clinical waste and municipal waste incineration, cement plants, minerals processing, alumium smelting, food processing, precious metals recovery, coal fired boilers, soil remediation and acid gas cleaning for numerous processes. We provide turnkey solutions using bag or ceramic filters with sodium bicarbonate (DeSOx), activated carbon (PAC) and urea injection (DeNOx) for acid gas neutralisation.

CleanPulse - FDL Bag Filters

CleaNOx - FDL Urea Skids

CleanSorb - FDL Sodium Bicarbonate/Lime Skids

CleanPAC - FDL PAC Hoppers

On new and technically challenging enquiries, or where an independant 3rd party expert is required, we offer project engineering and consultancy. This can include design and supply of process engineering equipment. For existing clients we have designed mechancial presses, plastics separation systems, conveyors and other mechanical handling systems. In the course of our work we can provide various documentation and services; P&ID, FDS, Gantt Chart, IO lists, Project Management, CDM site supervisor, erection teams, electricians, CEMs equipment and SCADA systems, ATEX compliant equipment, filtration systems conforming to the Industrial Emissions Directive (replacing WID, LCPD, IPPCD, SED).

Supply of spares and service for dust collectors via www.dustbits.com. Spares include filter bags, filter cartridges, filter cages, tanks and fittings, mechanical shake filters, solenoid valves, diaphragm valves, controllers, COSHH & LEV tests and servicing.

Please see our projects pages for details and scope of our work, or call us for a chat through our services.

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Hot Gas Bag Filter


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Bag house maintenance, consultancy, COSHH, LEV, testing, dye penetrant tests, emissions tests, sorbent injection systems and more



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