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pulse jet bag filters

If you’re looking to remove dust from a filter bag, no matter its application, pulse jet filter cleaning is one of the handiest processes there is. That’s what makes pulse jet bag filters an excellent choice of equipment for a wide variety of air filtration applications.

Here at Filter Designs, we specialise in advising our customers and providing them with excellent pulse jet bag filters for their needs. But what makes a pulse jet bag filter so worth investing in? Here are just some of the reasons why pulse jet filters are so useful:

Diverse range of sizes available

Pulse jet filters are available in a variety of sizes. These range from small filter units, which are ideal for more general applications, all the way through to large jet filters. These larger jet filters are often designed for specific process applications – and, as we’re sure you know, there is no shortage of those.

Variations for numerous process applications

As mentioned above, many large jet filters benefit from being specifically designed for the process which they are intended to be used on.

Just a few examples of the process applications large jet filters are designed to handle include biomass and waste, energy, rotary and hearth furnaces, and processing minerals, among many others. No matter how specific your application, there is bound to be the right pulse jet bag filter to suit your requirement.

Can be used in a wide range of industries

The versatility of pulse jet bag filters allows them to be used in a wide variety of industries. Just a few of the industries that they are suitable for include secondary smelting of aluminium, soil reclamation projects, and the production of cement and steel.

Pulse jet bag filters are particularly useful for applications which taken place at a high temperature. These applications include gasification, pyrolysis and oxidation of waste products.

Can be supplied with other filters

Another key benefit of pulse jet bag filters is that they can be supplied as a function available in other filters. Just a few of the filters which can be supplied with a pulse jet filter cleaning function available include ceramics, CleanPulse filters, reverse jet filters, and cartridge filters.

Here at Filter Designs, we are delighted to supply pulse jet bag filters to organisations in need of them, whether they are small filter units or large jet filters. If you are interested in seeing more specific applications of pulse jet filters and examples of particular projects we have been involved with, why not visit our project web page?

If you have any questions about our pulse jet bag filters or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us by giving us a call on 01858 419104. You can also send us an email via sales@filterdesigns.com or completing our enquiry form. We would be happy to assist you and help your organisation with all its pulse jet filter cleaning needs.