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Renewable Heat Incentive

Hot Gas Filters for RHI compliance with Biomass Boilers

Filter Designs have received numerous enquiries for the filtration of flue gases from small scale waste and biomass incinerators, to allow the end users to claim RHI

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is the world’s first long term financial support programme for renewable heat. The RHI pays participants of the scheme to make use of renewable energy to heat buildings rather than more conventional oil or gas. Filter Designs are developing our first small scale biomass boiler filtration system. The boilers then qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme which provides quarterly payments based on the amount of heat generated by the boiler.

The domestic RHI scheme opened on April 9th 2014, making 12.2p per kWh available to homeowners and landlords. Non domestic RHI has been running since November 2011. From 24th September 2013, the new applications for non-domestic RHI need to comply with air quality emission levels no higher than 30g/GJ net heat input for particulate and 150g/GJ for NOx (generic term for mono nitrogen oxides NO and NO2).

Filter Designs are developing a series of hot gas filters to satisfy numerous recent enquiries, in the knowledge that there are some specific challenges:

  • Smaller filters
  • Flue gases near dew point
  • Potential for bypass requirement
  • Cost sensitivity

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