Project FFF – CleanPulse Bag Filter for Spices Company with ATEX Explosion Precautions

Project FFF – CleanPulse Bag Filter for Spices Company with ATEX Explosion Precautions

From initial enquiry to completion of installation this project extended over 4 months. From order to completion of installation was just 7 weeks.

The requirement was for an ATEX approved dust extraction plant to remove dust from 5 food powder processing rooms.

The existing system comprised 5 DCE Unimaster filters with explosion relief venting to an internal working area. The health and safety risks were significant and the system needed attention.

Supply Highlights

  1. Pulse Jet Filter Design with ATEX features
  2. ATEX St1 15kW Fan Zone 1 2G
  3. ATEX Explosion Panels specified to ATEX/EN14797/NFPA 68
  4. ATEX Explosion Detection specified to ATEX/EN14797/NFPA 68
  5. Blast Gate Dampers with 5-way Pneumatic Control Panel inside
  6. Uprated fan casing to reduce boundary noise
  7. Attenuator to reduce output noise
  8. Blow back dampers to protect operator inside
  9. Quick release dust bin mechanism
  10. Stainless Steel Extraction Hoods

Supply Details

Stainless steel extraction hoods were supplied at each point for ease of cleaning. Ducting with quick-release clips assists disassembly for cleaning, all beneficial for a clean room involved in food powder processing. The rooms are cleaned regularly after each production run between food grades. Pneumatically actuated blast gate valves can be closed to isolate each room during jet-wash cleaning, this prevents moist air being extracted into the filter outside.

Ducting outside showing blast gate damper to isolate the filter from moisture during jet wash cleaning.

Standard blast gate dampers were used, but stainless steel blades custom made and adapted to allow pneumatic control.

5-way Pneumatic control panel with clear indicators and simplistic operation. This controls the pneumatic blast gate dampers. Stainless steel panel and IP65 rating allows wet cleaning.

Explosion detection probes on ATEX explosion relief panels indicate an explosion and shut off the fan control panel. This prevents the fan fanning any flames present in an explosion situation.

The fan control panel inside contains a pfeller fuchs barrier interface before a control relay which ensures the safety of the system.

The installation required an 80 tonne crane to lift the entire filter in 2 preassembled sections into place. The crane was positioned in a car park 30 metres to the left of this image.

The filter hoppers with support structure were lifted first and bolted down. Then, the main case section lifted on top of this and bolted to the first section.

The main case section contained bags and cages already installed in the filter to reduce the amount of labour required onsite. As can be seen, the working area was somewhat restricted.

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