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Project JM - CPC Venting Filter serving precious metal smelting pot


Three companies were approached to tender for this smelting pot venting filter project.

Filter Designs won the order due to our ability to deliver the right solution at the right price.

A CleanPulse 5 series filter is being installed.

Supply Highlights

  • Special Pulse Jet Filter Design
  • High Temperature Filter Cartridges
  • Secondary HEPA filter
  • Anti-cake pre coat
  • Linked into existing Profi-bus control system



Supply Detail

A CleanPulse CPC5/11L with 11 long pleated element cartridges was installed.

Special high temperature cartridges were pre-ordered to allow for short burst of gas at excess temperature, allowing up to 220 degrees centigrade.

The compressed air pulsing system allows continuous use of the filter as required.

An efficient and quiet fan provides the through air velocities required.

Due to the precious metals involved, a secondary HEPA filter was added to provide additional insurance that dangerous emissions were not leaked but also allowed the small precious metal particles to be recovered.

To link the filter performance monitoring into the existing Profibus control system, special pressure transducers were chosen to relay back information to the main control system.

In addition, Mechair valves were specified to resist corrosion from the gases emitted from the process.

Finally, a special pre-coat aids dust release from the high temperature cartridges.

This is applied through the filter system whilst running to provide even coverage and effective operation.

Commissioning was requested post delivery and organised within 3 days.

The cartridges were installed, controller and pressure transducers connected and isolated from the heat and precoat added.

The system is now operating on the smelting process allowing production to continue.