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Filter Designs Supply: Ducting, Insulation, Chimney, Fans.




Working through a third party in the UK, we were invited to provide services to design supply and install various elements of a biomass fired furnace.

The plant used a combined heat and power plant and generated electricity via the Organic Rankine Cycle.

Filter Designs scope included ducting, fans, chimney, insulation and erection.

A 7 hour drive from our base in Market Harborough, the site is in a remote part of western Scotland.

The challenge was to install complex ducting systems and inverter driven fans within limited space and limited access around tens of other contractors on site.



FDL designed the system using 3D CAD, which allowed us to route around a plethora of systems from other contractors.

Without this visualisation using 2D CAD for instance the project would have been significantly more time consuming.




The reality of the installed ducting indicates the challenges involved in accessing this area.

The ducting system incorporated a number of manual and automated valves to control flow.




Each fan was mounted on anti-vibration mounts and has flexible connections on the inlet and outlet.

All fans are inverter driven for complete control.