Project OP – Multi-cyclones, plastics separation, plastics presses, lean to buildings and more…

Project OP – Multi-cyclones, plastics separation, plastics presses, lean to buildings and more…


The series of projects below are for a long-term client in the UK. The varied projects illustrate our scope of ability.

The client appreciates our 'can do' approach, turnaround time and the value of the solutions we provide.

Supply Highlights

  • Separation system designed and supplied operating at 99% efficiency
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Outdoor Shelter
  • Extruder
  • Control Panels
  • Dust Extraction System
  • Silo
  • Cyclone

Supply Details Plastics Separation System

The company use reclaimed plastic from cabling which is a very positive move towards recycling. However, the mix of plastics in the incoming raw material was an issue - the plastics needed to be separated. After a consultation, the only solution was to drop the plastics mix into water. Here, the heavy plastics sink and the lighter plastic material floats.

A controlled feed hopper was designed with an oscillating grid, which feeds onto a 1st stage chain conveyor. Within this 1st stage there is also a pre-wetting system. Material is then dropped into a tank of water with a paddle wheel for product distribution and pumped sprayjets to give good product dispersion within the tank.

The heavier material sinks to the bottom and is discharged via a drag chain conveyor. The floating material is effectively scraped off the top of the water surface with another paddle wheel.

The system was fully designed, engineered and project managed by Filter Designs. All motors are variable speed controlled and a control panel supplied to adjust these motor speeds and to control water levels and trace heating.

Make up water is provided by utilising ground water and roof drains. A surge tank and pump were supplied.

The total plant handles 2 tonnes per hour and gives over 99% efficiency in product separation. The project was completed on time and on budget to complete customer satisfaction.

Supply Details Hydraulic Press

The company had an old multi press on site with spare hydraulic cylinders. They needed two new fence foot presses for their automated production line (previously designed by FDL). FDL designed and supplied these presses manufactured from 30mm thick plate. The presses are now in production and producing above specification.

To give an indication of size, the overall dimensions are 3000mm H x 1600mm W x 700mm D.

Profile cut plates and all machine components.

Supply Details Outdoor Shelter

Client required additional storage capacity following increased sales and production and had space at the side of their existing building. FDL specified and sourced the lean to type building.

Following successful completion, this building was further extended.

The building is 60m long x 10m wide x max opening 8m.

Supply Details Extruder

As part of ongoing development, the production line was automated producing fence feet. FDL have designed and project managed the complete installation of this extruder including loading hoppers, pocketed conveyor and magnetic separator, winkworth mixer, load cells. The mixer mixes 3 materials including oil and stone which FDL sourced both silos, oil tank and pumping system.

Discharge from the mixer is handled by an automated system involving silo with multi-screw base, elevator and scraper conveyor system to convey the material automatically and alternatively to the various extruders.

Supply Details Control Panels

The control panel for this system was also designed and sourced by Filter Designs Limited.

Supply Details Dust Extraction System

The raw material for this project needs to be dry.

The driers give off fibrous dusts which are captured in a large canopy hood which is 9.5m long by 4m wide.

The dust is carried through a large fan unit and the fibres filtered out through four 914mm diameter cyclones on top of a large surge hopper which discharges the collected dust into bulk bags.

Supply Details Silo

See extruder.

This is the lime silo which feeds the extruder.

Supply Details Cyclone System

See dust extraction.

This is the cyclone system which takes out the fibrous dusts.

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