We Design and Supply Industrial Bag and Ceramic Dust Filtration Equipment & Flue Gas Treatment Systems.
We Specialise in Hot Gas Filtration
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Please see below some Testimonials and Feedback from Customers for Projects completed by us:


"Filter Designs are one of the best contractors we have worked with"

Projects and R&D Manager, Coal Products Limited


"The operators are happy with the new system so that tells you a lot as usually they are very hard to please"

Maintenance Engineer, Veolia ERF, Sheffield.


“Being a bespoke process, we were unable to find a practicable solution for our needs in the market. Filter design were approached and from the off set worked with us to come up with a practicable proposal for our needs. During the installation and commissioning stages, they provided a well structured and adaptable plan showing a willingness to problem solve as the project progressed to completion. The staff were very professional and dealt with our queries courteously and professionally. I would recommend them to others as a company you can work with”.

Quality and Environment Manager, Bawtry Carbon, Doncaster.